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Mechanical Phish

@shellphish's Cyber Reasoning System for the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge

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  1. Documentation for the Mechanical Phish.

    218 39

  2. Our backup exploitation technique: fuzzing for POVs!

    Python 23 9

  3. setup Public

    Python 17 15

  4. multiafl Public

    AFL, modified to support multi-CB challenge sets for CGC.

    C 16 9

  5. cgrex Public

    Targeted patcher for CGC binaries. CGrex was used only during the CGC qualifier event, and is OBSOLETE. For the CFE, we used patcherex (

    Python 15 8

  6. Concolic tracer to detect flag leaks and create Type-2 POVs.

    Python 11 11


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