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Meddelare Social Buttons Share Count Fetcher meddelare-node-counters

Install custom social share counters on your website with your own hosted solution, which only makes a single API request and loads minimal or zero assets to display the counters.

A screenshot of the button example

Check out and view examples on

Share count fetcher

Node.js promise-based, asynchronous, parallel, per-URL social network share count fetcher -- the base of Meddelare.


  • Retrieval is asynchronous and uses bluebird promises.
  • Calls social networks in parallel from the server, making it (approximately) as fast to get the count from one as several at once.
  • Can be used for both server-side and client-side logic, for example calculating daily statistics or backing a sharing widget.
  • Super-fast in-memory cache keeps the most recent results per network and url.

Getting started

Install package in your project folder

npm install --save meddelare-counters

Fetch counts from social networks

var MeddelareCounters = require("meddelare-counters"),
    meddelareCounters = new MeddelareCounters();

// Use your own website here, or a specific page url.
var url = "",
    networks = [

meddelareCounters.retrieveCounts(url, networks)
    .then(function(results) {
        console.log("Success!", results);
    .catch(function(err) {
        console.error("Fail!", err);

Use the url parameter to specify the address which you want to retrieve the number of shares for.

  • Include https:// or http:// in the URL.
  • You can use your domain root, or a more specific url pointing to a specific page.
  • The value must not be URL-encoded.
    • Each network has a different way of retrieving the share count. Therefore each network decides to use URL-encoding if necessary.
    • This prevents problems when looking up values for pages with, for example, parameters separated by & by avoiding double-encoding the address.

Currently Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are supported.

Use the networks parameter to specify which ones you want to use, as an array of strings, for example ["facebook", "twitter", "googleplus"] or ["facebook"].


The function returns a Promise. It resolves using .then(function(result){ ... }) for most cases, only rejecting using .catch(function(err){ ... }) when something exceptional happens -- but please expect and implement both.

If a request to a social network failed, a count of -1 is returned for that network.

  "facebook": 5281,
  "googleplus": 42,
  "twitter": 8719


Configure the middleware instance at creation time, for example new MeddelareCounters({ unknownCount: 0 }).

These are the default values.

    // A reference to an object that implements `log`, `info`, `warn`, `error`.
    logger: console,

    // Cache results in memory -- but keep good and bad (error thrown) results for different periods of time.
    // (In milliseconds.)
    memoryCache: {
        goodResultTimeout: 4 * 60 * 1000,
        badResultTimeout: 1 * 60 * 1000,
        timeoutResultTimeout: 10 * 1000,

    // Return this value if none was found or an error was thrown.
    unknownCount: -1,


Many thanks goes out to Taskforce for their social-buttons-server (released into the Public Domain) -- especially the creator @thomasdavis and contributor @beaugunderson. This software, meddelare-node-counters, is based on their work.

Copyright (c) 2015 Team Meddelare All rights reserved.

When using meddelare-node-counters, comply to the MIT license.


Node.js promise-based, asynchronous, parallel, per-URL social network share count fetcher -- the base of Meddelare.



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