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A social networking mod for Minecraft that adds a friends list, messaging system, server list, and more!
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A social networking mod for Minecraft and the spiritual successor to SocialMiner.

Planned Features

  • Friends list
  • Messaging system
  • Clans / Groups
  • Mod listing / Usage statistics
  • Automatic updating


I am currently looking for people who would like to contribute to the client. If you would like to contact me about helping you can message me at #Miney on the Esper IRC network.


Where is the server code?

Currently I plan to keep the client open source and the server closed source for security reasons.

Why not have both closed source?

Lets face it, if I had the client closed source and people wanted to do something malicious they could just decompile it using MCP and tweak it so why not have it open source and let others contribute to the mod?

How do I run the code?

There is a python file in the scripts folder that will set up a Forge workspace for you. It automatically downloads the latest recommended version of Forge and Miney-Updater. It then symlinks all the code from Miney-Client and Miney-Updater into the Minecraft source folder so that you can easily commit your changes to the code.

You should totally add -insert-idea-here-!

I'd love to hear your ideas! Feel free to join #Miney on the Esper IRC network and let me know your idea! :smile:

Build Status

I am running a Gitlab-CI instance that compiles the code whenever a commit is made. You can click the badge for more information. build status

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