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JFCM Java Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

About the project

JFCM is a Java implementation of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. It's LGPL licence, so you can use it in any type of project (open and closed source) but modifications to the library itself must be distributed under a license compatible with LGPL.

Documentation & Sample code

You can find documentation, examples, etc. on JFCM website:

About the author

My name is Dimitri De Franciscis, I live and work in Italy (Milan area) as freelance consultant. I work mostly on enterprise Java projects, both on the front-end and back-end. I also write for programming-related magazines (online and offline).

You can find more about me on my website:

Developer Guide

Build & install:

mvn install

Install sources locally:

mvn source:jar install


Release 1.4.3

  • moved JDK compatibility to 1.7
  • cosmetic fixes to source code, no functionality affected

Release 1.4.2

  • fixed XSD:
    • moved CAUCHY, GAUSS, INTERVAL, LINEAR, NARY activator enum to JFCM-map-v-1.2.xsd
  • FcmRunner:
    • added method to FcmRunner interface: void run();
    • introduced BaseFcmRunner to ease development of subclasses;
    • added CSV output functionality to SimpleFcmRunner
  • changed format of README from Textile to Markdown

Release 1.4.1

  • fixed bug in FcmIO.saveAsXml(): wrong schema version in XML output, uses 1.1 but should be 1.2
  • Refactored FcmIO.saveAsXml() to

Release: 1.4.0

  • moved ConceptActivator and FcmConncetion implementations in sub-packages:
    • org.megadix.jfcm.act : ConceptActivator implementations;
    • org.megadix.jfcm.conn : FcmConnection implementations;
  • implemented Visitor design pattern;
  • added missing LGPL headers;
  • code cleanup, following Checkstyle indications;
  • pom.xml:
    • added property;
    • added version to plugins, so Maven doesn't complain about it :)

Release 1.3.3

  • CognitiveMap.reset(): do not set output or fixedOutput if fixedOutput == true
  • Concept.startUpdate(): bugfix if conceptActivator == null;
  • FcmIO.loadXml(String filename);
  • fixed comment in BaseConceptActivator
  • Implemented CognitiveMap.description:
    • CognitiveMap: added description property;
    • FcmIO: load / save
  • Concept activator:
  • pull up checkValues() method to AbstractConceptActivatorTest;
    • Concept.setFixedOutput(): changed Boolean (Object, may be null) to boolean (native, never null)
  • better toString() methods: CognitiveMap, Concept, WeightedConnection;

Release 1.3.2

  • bugfix to BaseConceptActivator.calculateNextOutput() on null or NaN inputs;
  • SignumActivator:
    • added SignumActivator.Mode enum: BIPOLAR (default) and BINARY;
    • added zeroValue property, to let users customize value at zero input;
    • update FcmIO to load and save SignumActivator.mode;
  • Concept: implemented equals() / hashCode();
  • small fix to SimpleFcmRunner
  • BaseConceptActivator: check threshold parameter;
  • simpler and easier tests for concept activators.

Release 1.3.1

  • FcmIO: added support for "includePreviousOutput" as concept parameter;
  • tests enhancements

Release 1.3

  • BaseConceptActivator.includePreviousOutput;
  • change in output calculations: HyperbolicTangentActivator, LinearActivator, SigmoidActivator, SignumActivator include by default (includePreviousOutput = true) previous output in calculations;
  • Remove Jakarta Commons dependency, added StringUtils as substitute.

Release 1.2

  • map.execute() should really have two phases
  • Add method CognitiveMap.reset() that resets every Concept to null
  • Create a deep copy constructor on CognitiveMap
  • XML output from FcmIO.saveAsXml() should include namespace
  • Backport LinearConceptActivator from 2.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Backport time delay to WeightedConnection from 2.0-SNAPSHOT

Release 1.1.0