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MEGA Android Client

A fully-featured client to access your Cloud Storage provided by MEGA.

This document will guide you to build the application on a Linux machine with Android Studio.

Setup development environment

Build & Run the application

  1. Get the source code.
git clone --recursive
  1. Install in your system the Android NDK 21 (latest version tested: NDK r21d).

  2. Export NDK_ROOT variable or create a symbolic link at ${HOME}/android-ndk to point to your Android NDK installation path.

export NDK_ROOT=/path/to/ndk
ln -s /path/to/ndk ${HOME}/android-ndk
  1. Export ANDROID_HOME variable or create a symbolic link at ${HOME}/android-sdk to point your Android SDK installation path.
export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/sdk
ln -s /path/to/sdk ${HOME}/android-sdk
  1. Export JAVA_HOME variable or create a symbolic link at ${HOME}/android-java to point your Java installation path.
export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/jdk
ln -s /path/to/jdk ${HOME}/android-java
  1. Download the link, uncompress it and put the folder webrtc in the path app/src/main/jni/megachat/.

  2. Before running the building script, install the required packages. For example for Ubuntu or other Debian-based distro:

sudo apt install build-essential swig automake libtool autoconf cmake
  1. Build SDK by running ./ all at app/src/main/jni/. You could also run ./ clean to clean the previous configuration. IMPORTANT: check that the build process finished successfully, it should finish with the Task finished OK message. Otherwise, modify LOG_FILE variable in from /dev/null to a certain text file and run ./ all again for viewing the build errors.

  2. Download the link!1tcl3CrL!i23zkmx7ibnYy34HQdsOOFAPOqQuTo1-2iZ5qFlU7-k, uncompress it and put the folders debug and release in the path app/src/.

  3. Open the project with Android Studio, let it build the project and hit Run.


To use the geolocation feature you need a Google Maps API key:

  1. To get one, follow the directions here:

  2. Once you have your key, replace the "google_maps_key" string in these files: app/src/debug/res/values/google_maps_api.xml and app/src/release/res/values/google_maps_api.xml.