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This open source project will help you add custom namespace to your Stripe SDK. I'm not creating the Stripe SDK from scratch, instead you can use composer to add your specific namespace to the Stripe SDK.
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Custom Namespaced Stripe PHP SDK

This composer plugin will help you add custom namespace to Stripe SDK for PHP so that you can easily use the custom namespaced Stripe SDK in your WordPress plugins.

Using this will help you avoid conflicts with other WordPress plugins who are using the same Stripe PHP SDK with different versions.

How to configure it for your WordPress plugin?

Add the composer.json and in your WordPress plugin for development only. Don't send this files in production.

If your WordPress plugin has its own composer.json then merge it with our composer.json file.

Additional Steps

  1. Replace the word WP\\Stripe\\ with CustomNamespace\\Stripe\\ under autoload parameter in composer.json
  2. Replace the prefix WP with CustomNamespace in

After moving the files and following the steps above, run the below mentioned command and it will automagically convert the Stripe SDK under vendor folder with your custom namespace.

$ composer install

That's it! You're done.


If you're facing issues with generating files properly or any random error arises. Then, follow the steps as mentioned:

  1. Remove composer.lock file.
  2. Clear Composer cache.
$ composer clear-cache

Special Thanks

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