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Rhino Mocks

Rhino Mocks is a dynamic mock object framework for the .Net platform.

How To Build

Rhino Mocks is built using psake. It is important to understand that the standard Visual Studio build process will not work due to missing AssemblyInfo.cs files. This is to ensure the build number is generated correctly.

In order to build this project, execute the psake build script from a Powershell console. This can be done using the following command from the root project directory:


Two tasks are available beyond the default task: Compile and Test

You make need to allow script execution by running the following command as administrator:

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted

The build script assumes git.exe is in your PATH

Mailing List

Visit Rhino Mocks for questions or issues with the framework. This leaves the GitHub repository "Issues" tab to focus on code and compilation issues.