Melissa's Custom Sublime Text Color Schemes
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#Melissa's Sublime Color Scheme & Tips The color scheme I use when demonstrating code: melissa WeaveDreamer

##Color Scheme Features

  • Optimized for PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Hilighted PHP blocks (the default colorschemes do not all do this)

##How to install

  • Download, Extract, and place the color scheme files in your Sublime Text 2\Packages\User\Color Schemes folder

#Tips for NEW Sublime Text 2 Users


##Must-Have Packages I Highly recommend all these 3rd party plugins!

##Cool Built-in features

  • Reindent Lines (ctrl + shift + p ‘indent’)
  • Automatic comments with Ctrl + /
  • Projects (Use them! save projects to your name folder)

##Key Commands ###navigating between and within files

  • Ctrl + Shift + P => Command Pallette (install plugins, run scripts...)
    • ctrl + P => GO TO ANYTHING open any recent file or jump to tab
    • @ jump to symbol
    • search within file

    • : line number
  • Ctrl + G => go to line number

Making selections quickly

  • Ctrl + D => Select next
  • Alt + F3 => Select same (all) (faster than Find + replace)
  • Ctrl + Shift + L => Expand to Lines


  • alt + shift + W => Wrap with Tag