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##Sublime Text 2 WordPress Package

Sublime Text 2 WordPress Package is a collection of WordPress snippets and autocompletions for Sublime Text 2


Autocomplete for:

WP version : 3.7.0

Functions          : 1734
Hooks              : 1434
Constants/Classes  :  191


Deprecated functions (219) have been removed

The first "tab" deletes all parameters instead of having to tab through each one:

  • First Tab-->Select all parameters
  • Each Tab Thereafter-->Selects each individual parameter or block


Some updated snippets use the same name as the function, the autocomplete will show an "ALL Options" selection. For example to register a custom post type you would write register_post.... Please review the snippets <tabTrigger> to see how to call the rest.

Special thanks

Original TextMate author : Gipetto
Original scraper : @ericandrewlewis
Latest scraper :@wycks


Sublime won't autocomplete PHP files when there is no closing ?> tags , so in "Preferences-->Settings-User" add this snippet:

"auto_complete_selector": "source, text",

Install instructions

Just install via package control (WordPress) or clone into your sublime-text-2 package directory.