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Failed to load latest commit information. is a python script for controlling your Smart Lg TV with your PC. It can be used for gaining access to hidden menus and modes.

To use it you need:

A PC, with python 3.x installed, connected to the same network as your Lg TV.

Some useful codes:

  • for EZ_ADJUST menu enter 255
  • for IN START menu enter 251
  • for Installation menu enter 207
  • for POWER_ONLY mode enter 254

Warning: do not enter 254 if you do not know what POWER_ONLY mode is. You can find additional information about menus and modes here:

As long as you do not "factory reset" your TV, pairing key doesn't change. You can use an editor to modify the line:

lgtv["pairingKey"] = "DDGWAF"    

to suit your TV's actual pairing key. This will eliminate the pairing key acquisition stage.

Windows users:

You can avoid the black console window if you change the "py" file extension to "pyw".

This software was developed with inspiration and/or information taken from: