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@obiot obiot released this Jan 21, 2018 · 12 commits to 5.x.x since this release

  • Audio : Howler core update (2.0.8)
  • Core : window.onReady is now marked as deprecated, and replaced by me.device.onReady
  • Container : new onChildChange callback for when a child is added or removed
  • Input : further improvements to multitouch support (compatibility on latest device/browser)
  • Input : new me.input.setTouchAction function to enable/disable gesture by default (default to "none")
  • Input : fix a pointer offset issue when using the browser zoom
  • Loader : new "withCredentials" setting to specify if cross-site Access-Control requests should be made using credentials
  • Physic : new me.collision.rayCast function for basic Line of Sight implementation
  • Physic : slight me.Body refactoring to allow adding a physic body to any base me.Renderable
  • Physic : new bounce property for solid bodies
  • Renderable : isKinematic is now true by default except for me.Entity, me.Container and me.GUI object
  • Renderable : anchor point and transform are now properly applied to me.Sprite Bounding Rect
  • TMX : add support for "Collection of Image" tilesets
  • Viewport : apply current transformation when converting given coordinates from localToWorld and WorldToLocal
  • Viewport : fix a regression where transforms were not applied anymore to the camera/viewport
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