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Welcome to the melonJS wiki, here you will find help, tutorial and documentation to melonJS :

Official Links

  • FAQ : a useful list of melonJS Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Roadmap : A glimpse at the future of melonJS.
  • Documentation : official melonJS online documentation (html).
  • Forum : official melonJS forum
  • Blog : official melonJS blog
  • Boilerplate : When starting your own projects (deprecated boilerplate for the legacy version here)
  • Code Snippets : a collection of useful code snippets
  • Upgrade Guide : APIs change guideline when upgrading from a previous version
  • Upgrade to melonJS 2 : quick step by step how-to on upgrading to melonJS 2
  • made with melonJS : a non exhaustive list of games and demos made with melonJS
  • Forum Archive : old melonJS forum archive


Third-Party Tutorial

Details & Usage

Third-Party Tools Usage

How-To Build your game for specific platforms

External Links

Books/ Official publication

Introduction to Javascript

  • Javascript Guide : provided by the Mozilla network (English)
  • eBook : Eloquent Javascript - A Modern Introduction to Programming (English, German, French)
  • How-To : JavaScript debugging for Beginners (English)
  • How-To : Advanced debugging with JavaScript (English)
  • Debugging Tips : a collection of useful tips to get you unstuck when debugging your game
  • Remotely debugging Chrome Desktop : Introduction to remote debugging using Firefox and Chrome