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Jupyter Notebook Examples
Jupyter Notebook
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Biometrics with Plot.ipynb
Canadian Citizenship Eligibility.ipynb
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International Travel Log.ipynb
Locations with Heatmap.ipynb
User Details.ipynb

Example Memair Jupyter Notebook

These are example Memair Jupyter Notebooks. Please feel free to add your own examples in the repository.

Interactively run these notebooks with Binder or view them with NB Viewer.

Create a temporary access_token or play with with our sandbox user, Otto using the access token 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.


Clone Repo

git clone && cd jupyter

Install Requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Notebook

jupyter notebook

Pull Request

Ping me to request write access to this repositry then please contribute any useful examples you are working on.

  • git checkout -b my_new_notebook checkout a branch, the -b flag creates a new branch
  • Make Changes
  • $ git add My\ New\ Notebook.ipynb add the changed files
  • $ git commit -m "Added a new notebook" commit the changes with a useful message
  • $ git push origin my_new_notebook push your branch to GitHub
  • Visit and click Compare & pull request image
  • Tag @gregology for review and create pull request image

Please be verbose in your naming, messaging, & descriptions. It makes finding bugs a lot easier in the future.

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