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use strict;
use Test::More tests => 13;
use FindBin qw($Bin);
use lib "$Bin/lib";
use MemcachedTest;
my $server = new_memcached();
my $sock = $server->sock;
print $sock "set num 0 0 1\r\n1\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "STORED\r\n", "stored num");
mem_get_is($sock, "num", 1, "stored 1");
print $sock "incr num 1\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "2\r\n", "+ 1 = 2");
mem_get_is($sock, "num", 2);
print $sock "incr num 8\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "10\r\n", "+ 8 = 10");
mem_get_is($sock, "num", 10);
print $sock "decr num 1\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "9\r\n", "- 1 = 9");
print $sock "decr num 9\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "0\r\n", "- 9 = 0");
print $sock "decr num 5\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "0\r\n", "- 5 = 0");
print $sock "decr bogus 5\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "NOT_FOUND\r\n", "can't decr bogus key");
print $sock "decr incr 5\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "NOT_FOUND\r\n", "can't incr bogus key");
print $sock "set text 0 0 2\r\nhi\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "STORED\r\n", "stored text");
print $sock "incr text 1\r\n";
is(scalar <$sock>, "1\r\n", "hi - 1 = 0");
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