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A simple file system based blog
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Bootylite - a simple file system based blog

No trackbacks, no comments (in core), no admin interface.
Just plain file based blogging with a feed and extra pages.

After vti's great Bootylicious becoming unmaintained this is the next try to build a simple file system based blog on Mojolicious.

And here's how it works:

  • write articles as text files and store them in the articles directory.
  • done.

Look at

  1. the articles directory to see examples.
  2. the drafts directory to see how to preview articles before publishing.
  3. the pages directory to see examples for content pages.
  4. the bootylite.conf file to change the Bootylite parameters.
  5. the templates ( inflate) to customize Bootylite
  6. the code.

The renderer for articles and pages is determined by the file name extension. These renderers ship with Bootylite:

  • .md -> Bootylite::Renderer::Markdown
  • .html -> Bootylite::Renderer::HTML

It's easy to extend Bootylite to get more Renderers: just use Bootylite::Renderer as a base class.


Plugin authors can inherit from Bootylite::Plugin to extend Bootylite's functionality. Look at Bootylite::Plugin::Comments for an example. You can find a simple (but useless) plugin in the test suite. Plugin configuration lives in the bootylite.conf config file:

plugins => {
    Comments => {
        comments_dir => app->home->rel_dir('comments'),
        encoding     => 'utf-8',


Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Mirko Westermeier,

See the file MIT-LICENSE in this distribution for details.

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