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Academic Exercise: Markov Chains

written by: Shane Emmons

For this exercise you'll propose and implement a novel use of a Markov Chains. Markov Chains are sequences of items where any item in the sequence is dependent only on the item which comes before it. If you're not familiar with Markov Chains, please take some time to research them yourself. As usual, the Wikipedia article is a good start.

You don't have to limit your ideas to creating new sequences via some input. You can also use it for prediction or ranking of items in the sequence.

Exercise Summary

  • Propose a novel use for a Markov Chain.
    • No two students should work on the same application of a Markov Chain.
    • You cannot write a simple text generator.
    • If you get stuck, don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Implement your idea.

Submission Guidelines

If you plan to work on this exercise, you should fork this repository and push code early and often during the course. The course guidelines PDF explains the submission process in detail, but please contact an instructor if you have any questions.