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An Electron.js application that returns the output and compares Logisim Evolution circuits.
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Logisim Checker

Logisim Checker is a simple tool to quickly analyze Logisim Evolution circuit files. The tool can both save the raw output of the circuit and compare two circuit files directly.


The latest version can be downloaded from the releases page. Make sure you have the Java JDK installed on your system. Just the JRE won't work.

A Linux version should technically be able to be built, but I didn't have a install version to test on so I didn't bother. Instructions on how to compile and build your own version are included below.

How to Use

Get Circuit Output

Drag and drop file or click to open file explorer. Click Get Output to run simulation.

Use save dialog to save .txt output to file.

Compare Two Circuit Files

Drag and drop file or click to open file explorer and select two circuit files. Click Compare to run simulation.

Building / Modifying


Logisim is built on Electron.js using Typescript, therefore should built for any system that Electron.js supports. The project uses NPM as its package manager so you will need that installed on your system as well as Node.js.

First clone the repository, install the dependencies and compile typescript.

git clone
cd Logisim-Checker/
npm install
npm run compile

Finally the app should be able to be run with:

npm start


The package currently supports Mac and Windows, but Linux should technically also work. To compile the project to Mac or Windows, use the following commands:

npm run build-mac
npm run build-win


Again not officially supported but this command should work, if not your on your own mate.

electron-packager . 'Logisim Checker' --platform=linux --arch=x64 --icon=icons/icon.png --out=builds --prune=true --ignore=screenshots --asar.unpack=logisim-evolution.jar --overwrite

Add this to the package.json and run.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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