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Hacking Bluetooth Low Energy Locks

Bluetooth door hacking scripts that require Ubertooth or other devices to passively sniff.

Compatible Devices

  • Quicklock Doorlock
  • Quicklock Padlock
  • iBluLock Padlock
  • Plantraco Phantomlock
  • Ceomate Bluetooth Smart Doorlock
  • Elecycle EL797
  • Elecycle E797G
  • Vians Bluetooth Smart Doorlock
  • Lagute Sciener Smart Doorlock
  • Okidokey Smart Doorlock
  • Meshmotion Bitlock Doorlock

Password Brute Forcer

Scripts used to brute froce the passwords on the Quicklock and iBluLock.

BLE Scanner

Bluetooth Low Energy scanner compatible with standard Bluetooth adapter or Sena UD-100.



Build and Install

  • Requires Bluez 5.29 (or greater)
  • Scapy 2.3.0 (or greater)
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