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Contains resources, examples, projects and written notes.

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  1. latex-on-ci-cd latex-on-ci-cd Public

    Compile latex files and release PDF output using Github Actions

    TeX 24 19

  2. insthat insthat Public

    Basic script to install essential tools and some programs on Debian OS

    Shell 4

  3. youtubeto youtubeto Public

    Downloads and Releases Youtube videos when Playlist links are provided. All videos are saved to releases when it is done.

    Go 2 3

  4. ansible-deploy ansible-deploy Public

    Integrate Ansible to Github Actions to deploy application.

    Shell 2 4

  5. ubuntu-packer ubuntu-packer Public

    Ubuntu packer template to create custom image on local and on AWS as custom AMI.

    Shell 4 6

  6. krccomplain krccomplain Public

    Automated script for complaining on

    Python 2


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