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Mixmaster is an anonymous remailer first developed in the 1990s by Lance Cottrell.

Mixmaster 3.1 is a version with 4096 bit RSA Encryption and other features not present before 2013.

New in version 3.1 is the possibility to make a Debian package, a systemd startup file to run with mixmaster -D and a cron job to update stats and keys from a source (mixmin as default).


SHA256 cbffa736ac7918bb9d3ebfdf20a7f7ecae0ecc84785a70df535620d8547973fd


SHA256 33f12227e867cde1557cd05eab9aad514cc5e2716f0fe6d6f28b67f36f4887a2

To compile on Red Hat-related systems you may need the pcre-devel package.