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Build Data Apps with Workflows You Know and Love

Meroxa is a code-first data application platform built for developers. Our goal at Meroxa is to help developers focus on building their applications with real-time data instead of trying to automate a lot of the repetitive ops functions.

Meroxa Open Source

We believe that the best developer tools are built out in the open. We're committed to making real-time data much easier to work with for developers and will continue to open source tools along our journey.

Turbine (Beta)

Turbine is a data application framework for building data apps. If you're familiar with building web apps, using Turbine will feel familiar. It has all the facilities to test your code locally, build it and deploy it to Meroxa platform. It's currently available in three languages:


Conduit's goal is enable developers to move data between all of their production data stores. As applications and application architectures start to grow, new data stores get added and that's when data needs to get copied over. Conduit takes a real time-driven approach to moving data because downstream systems need that data as soon as possible. If you're building apps to serve customers, we believe speed is a feature for customers.

Conduit is used internally at Meroxa to power data movement into and out of data applications. We make this happen via Conduit's API.


The Meroxa Command Line Interface (CLI) is the main way to interact with Meroxa Platform outside of visiting Most actions that you can accomplish with the CLI include:

  • Initializing data apps with Turbine
  • Monitor the state of applications
  • Deploying your apps to Meroxa Platform

Join Us!

If you want to get involved in our community, join us on Discord. If working on infrastructure, developer tools, and data sounds interesting, check out any of our open roles on our careers page. We'd love to talk.

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    Meroxa UI base styles based on TailwindCSS

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