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Latest commit d7fc7cf @granthenke granthenke committed with jjkoshy KAFKA-3088; Make client-id a nullable string and fix handling of inva…
…lid requests."

…ent ID

- Adds  NULLABLE_STRING Type to the protocol
- Changes client_id in the REQUEST_HEADER to NULLABLE_STRING with a default of ""
- Fixes server handling of invalid ApiKey request and other invalid requests

Author: Grant Henke <>

Reviewers: Ismael Juma <>, Joel Koshy <>

Closes #866 from granthenke/null-clientid
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bin KAFKA-3152; kafka-acl doesn't allow space in principal name
checkstyle KAFKA-2422: Allow copycat connector plugins to be aliased to simpler …
clients/src KAFKA-3088; Make client-id a nullable string and fix handling of inva…
config KAFKA-2988; Change default configuration of the log cleaner
connect MINOR: Connect hangs on startup failure
core/src KAFKA-3088; Make client-id a nullable string and fix handling of inva…
docs MINOR: Remove multi-byte charactor in docs
examples KAFKA-3020; Ensure CheckStyle runs on all Java code
gradle KAFKA-3021: Centralize dependency version management
log4j-appender/src KAFKA-3077: Enable KafkaLog4jAppender to work with SASL enabled brokers
streams MINOR: catch an exception in rebalance and stop the stream thread
tests MINOR: Removed unnecessary Vagrantfile hack
tools/src/main/java/org/apache/kafka/tools KAFKA-3078: Add ducktape tests for KafkaLog4jAppender producing to SA…
vagrant MINOR: Removed unnecessary Vagrantfile hack
.gitignore KAFKA-2379: Add basic documentation for Kafka Connect. KAFKA-2321; Introduce
HEADER trivial fix to add missing license header using .gradlew licenseForma…
LICENSE KAFKA-1254 remove vestigial sbt patch by Joe Stein; reviewed by Jun Rao
NOTICE KAFKA-2518: Update NOTICE file KAFKA-3116; Specify minimum Gradle version required in Readme
Vagrantfile MINOR: Removed unnecessary Vagrantfile hack
build.gradle KAFKA-3165: Fix ignored parameters in the gradle "All" tasks
doap_Kafka.rdf trivial change to add kafka doap project file MINOR: Bump version to
gradlew MINOR: Update to Gradle 2.9 and update generated `gradlew` file
gradlew.bat trivial change to README to make the gradle wrapper download clearer MINOR: Support GitHub OAuth tokens in
settings.gradle KAFKA-3066: Demo Examples for Kafka Streams
wrapper.gradle KAFKA-1490 remove gradlew initial setup output from source distributi…

Apache Kafka

See our web site for details on the project.

You need to have Gradle and Java installed.

Kafka requires Gradle 2.0 or higher.

Java 7 should be used for building in order to support both Java 7 and Java 8 at runtime.

First bootstrap and download the wrapper

cd kafka_source_dir

Now everything else will work.

Building a jar and running it

./gradlew jar  

Follow instructions in

Building source jar

./gradlew srcJar

Building javadocs and scaladocs

./gradlew javadoc
./gradlew javadocJar # builds a jar from the javadocs
./gradlew scaladoc
./gradlew scaladocJar # builds a jar from the scaladocs
./gradlew docsJar # builds both javadoc and scaladoc jar

Running unit tests

./gradlew test

Forcing re-running unit tests w/o code change

./gradlew cleanTest test

Running a particular unit test

./gradlew -Dtest.single=RequestResponseSerializationTest core:test

Running a particular test method within a unit test

./gradlew core:test --tests kafka.api.ProducerFailureHandlingTest.testCannotSendToInternalTopic
./gradlew clients:test --tests org.apache.kafka.clients.MetadataTest.testMetadataUpdateWaitTime

Running a particular unit test with log4j output

Change the log4j setting in either clients/src/test/resources/ or core/src/test/resources/

./gradlew -i -Dtest.single=RequestResponseSerializationTest core:test

Building a binary release gzipped tar ball

./gradlew clean
./gradlew releaseTarGz

The above command will fail if you haven't set up the signing key. To bypass signing the artifact, you can run:

./gradlew releaseTarGz -x signArchives

The release file can be found inside ./core/build/distributions/.

Cleaning the build

./gradlew clean

Running a task on a particular version of Scala (either 2.10.6 or 2.11.7)

Note that if building the jars with a version other than 2.10, you need to set the SCALA_BINARY_VERSION variable or change it in bin/ to run the quick start.

You can pass either the major version (eg 2.11) or the full version (eg 2.11.7):

./gradlew -PscalaVersion=2.11 jar
./gradlew -PscalaVersion=2.11 test
./gradlew -PscalaVersion=2.11 releaseTarGz

Running a task for a specific project

This is for core, examples and clients

./gradlew core:jar
./gradlew core:test

Listing all gradle tasks

./gradlew tasks

Building IDE project

Note that this is not strictly necessary (IntelliJ IDEA has good built-in support for Gradle projects, for example).

./gradlew eclipse
./gradlew idea

Building the jar for all scala versions and for all projects

./gradlew jarAll

Running unit tests for all scala versions and for all projects

./gradlew testAll

Building a binary release gzipped tar ball for all scala versions

./gradlew releaseTarGzAll

Publishing the jar for all version of Scala and for all projects to maven

./gradlew uploadArchivesAll

Please note for this to work you should create/update ~/.gradle/ and assign the following variables


Installing the jars to the local Maven repository

./gradlew installAll

Building the test jar

./gradlew testJar

Determining how transitive dependencies are added

./gradlew core:dependencies --configuration runtime

Running checkstyle on the java code

./gradlew checkstyleMain checkstyleTest

This will most commonly be useful for automated builds where the full resources of the host running the build and tests may not be dedicated to Kafka's build.

Common build options

The following options should be set with a -D switch, for example ./gradlew -Dorg.gradle.project.maxParallelForms=1 test.

  • org.gradle.project.mavenUrl: sets the URL of the maven deployment repository (file://path/to/repo can be used to point to a local repository).
  • org.gradle.project.maxParallelForks: limits the maximum number of processes for each task.
  • org.gradle.project.showStandardStreams: shows standard out and standard error of the test JVM(s) on the console.
  • org.gradle.project.skipSigning: skips signing of artifacts.

Running in Vagrant

See vagrant/


Apache Kafka is interested in building the community; we would welcome any thoughts or patches. You can reach us on the Apache mailing lists.

To contribute follow the instructions here:

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