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Open Source, decentralized mesh networking ecosystem

Meshtastic® is a project that lets you use inexpensive LoRa radios as a long range off-grid communicator for areas without reliable cellular service. These radios are great for hiking, skiing, paragliding - essentially any hobby where you don't have reliable internet access. Each member of the mesh can send and view text messages and enable optional GPS based location features.

The radios automatically create a mesh to forward packets as needed, so everyone in the group can receive messages from even the furthest member. The radios will optionally work with your phone, but no phone is required.


  1. Meshtastic device firmware

    C++ 1.7k 330

  2. The Python CLI and API for talking to Meshtastic devices

    Python 145 77

  3. Meshtastic Public

    Meshtastic project website and documentation

    TypeScript 242 92

  4. Cross platform, easy to use GUI for installing Meshtastic firmware.

    Python 27 13

  5. Android application for Meshtastic

    Kotlin 301 105

  6. Meshtastic Web Client

    TypeScript 24 11