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Close down the project and work on #3

jezdez opened this Issue · 9 comments

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A "wall of shame" is a terrible way to promote a particular technology and alienates exactly those people that should be the early adopters of the wheel format -- the developers and maintainers of the packages you display on the site. Only by encouraging those pro users as well as engaging the packaging beginners we can get community adoption quickly.

Please close down

The alternative is simple, don't focus on the negative but help build better documentation and tools to enable those maintainers to ship wheel files. E.g.

  • open pull request with setup.cfg updates to auto build universal wheel files for pure Python packages
  • write Makefiles that show the maintainers how to create the wheel files when doing releases and contribute them
  • write simple documentation for beginners explaining what wheel files are and what they are useful for
  • give lightning talks about the wheel format at your local Python user group
  • build a simple yet welcoming site called promoting the format
  • help out the pip developers to extend their wheel building documentation

Shaming isn't the worst thing in the world either, if meant in a light, friendly, and joking tone. I think @jezdez's suggestions are wonderful though :)


I'd like to stick my hand up at this point as someone who was involved in parts of this but isn't taking any flack for it. In hindsight the naming of it wasn't a good idea but neither of us really paid much attention to that, we just really like the wheel format and wanted to see graph it's usage in the community.

@jezdez @pydanny – Thank you both for your suggestions (here and Twitter) about how to make this project more acceptable to the community. It's late here now but we'll change the domain tomorrow morning.

@meshy – Order of business for tomorrow:

  • Buy
  • Setup new s3 bucket
  • Update Makefile for new bucket
  • Create new CF distro
  • Point new domain at it
  • CNAME old domain to new domain
  • Rage at DNS & delete the bucket

Maybe, this should be an issue on its own, but I think that the wheeleof<blank>.se should have a quick tutorial on how to set up and upload wheel packages. Yesterday, when I saw Wheelofshame, I spent 20-25 minutes trying to upload wheel, but I was not able to make it installable. People have no time to read PEPs—just tell them what to do :smiley:


@halst – Yes this is what we're aiming for (once the new domain is sorted), captured in #4


@jezdez @kennethreitz @pydanny @halst Thankyou for the valuable feedback and advice. I'm sorry, the name "Wheel of Shame" was not constructive, and did not convey the message that I had intended: that wheels are awesome, and should be used by all. This project is intended as a service to the community that encourages adoption of wheels, and I see now that I went about this the wrong way. I was not previously aware that people held such negative feelings towards the "wall of shame/superpowers", nor had it occured to me that following their model would have invoked such a strong response. I grossly underestimated the negative impact that the name I chose would cause, and am now taking steps to correct my mistake.

By way of an apology to the community, and acknowledgement of the feedback I have received, I have renamed this repo, removed references to "shame" on the page (3403dc8) and deployed the site to a new domain: I have made some attempt at providing more information about distributing projects as wheels, and have plans to improve and expand upon the advice it now provides.

Thanks again for the feedback, and I hope the new site will become an accepted and useful service to the community.

@meshy meshy closed this

Awesome job, guys! Thank you for taking our statements constructively, and moving to help the community forward. You rock! :sun_with_face:


My pleasure, thank you. That means a lot to me :)

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