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ISO 19115-3 schema plugin

This is the ISO19115-3 schema plugin for GeoNetwork 3.1.x or greater version.

Reference documents:


This plugin is composed of:

  • indexing
  • editing (Angular editor only)
    • editor associated resources
    • directory support for contact, logo and format.
  • viewing
  • CSW
  • from/to ISO19139 conversion
  • multilingual metadata support
  • validation (XSD and Schematron)

 Metadata rules:

Metadata identifier

The metadata identifier is stored in the element mdb:MD_Metadata/mdb:metadataIdentifier. Only the code is set by default but more complete description may be defined (see authority, codeSpace, version, description).


Metadata linkage ("point of truth")

The metadata linkage is updated when saving the record. The link added points to the catalog the metadata was created. If the metadata is harvested by another catalog, then this link will provide a way to retrieve the original record in the source catalog.

      <cit:CI_OnLineFunctionCode codeList=""

Parent metadata

The parent metadata records is referenced using the following form from the editor:

<mdb:parentMetadata uuidref="{{ParentMetadataUUID}}}"/>

Nevertheless, the citation code is also indexed.


Validation steps are first XSD validation made on the schema, then the schematron validation defined in folder iso19115-3/schematron. 2 famillies of rules are available:

  • ISO rules (defined by TC211)
  • INSPIRE rules

 CSW requests:

If requesting using output schema an ISO19139 record is returned. To retrieve the record in ISO19115-3, use output schema.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<csw:GetRecordById xmlns:csw=""

Note: outputSchema = own will also return the record in ISO19115-3.

Installing the plugin

 GeoNetwork version to use with this plugin

This is an implementation of the latest XSD published by ISO-TC211. It'll not be supported in 2.10.x series so don't plug it into it! Use GeoNetwork 3.0.3+ version.

Adding the plugin to the source code

The best approach is to add the plugin as a submodule into GeoNetwork schema module.

cd schemas
git submodule add iso19115-3

Add the new module to the schema/pom.xml:


Add the dependency in the web module in web/pom.xml:


Add the module to the webapp in web/pom.xml:


Build the application.

Adding editor configuration

Once the application started, check the plugin is loaded in the admin > standard page. Then in admin > Settings, add to metadata/editor/schemaConfig the editor configuration for the schema:


More work required


GML support

Polygon or line editing and view.


Comments and questions to geonetwork-developers or geonetwork-users mailing lists.


  • Simon Pigot (CSIRO)
  • François Prunayre (titellus)
  • Arnaud De Groof (Spacebel)
  • Ted Habermann (hdfgroup)