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+layout: post
+title: Strophe.js Community Plugins Project
+tags: [strophe, javascript, xmpp]
+time: "15:12"
+extended: ":EXTENDED:"
+The community has been doing great work on Strophe.js plugins, but for
+the most part, this work has remained invisible. I want to change
+I have created the
+repository on GitHub and moved everything but the [flXHR](todo) plugin
+into this new repository. My plan is for this to be the clearing house
+for community plugins.
+If you want to add a new plugin or contribute to an existing one,
+please fork this repository and send me a pull request. I will not be
+nearly as picky about commits to strophejs-plugins as I am with the
+main Strophe.js code, but I expect as plugins mature, a higher bar
+will be created for those specific plugins.
+Within a few hours, the first community plugin was added to the
+repository, the [serverdate](todo) plugin, which detects clock skew
+between the client and server. I know there are some excellent plugins
+out there, so don't be shy - fork and hack!

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