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AsciiRFC: Writing Internet-Drafts and RFCs in AsciiDoc

metanorma-ietf lets you write IETF Internet-Drafts and RFCs via Metanorma.

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This gem processes Metanorma documents following a template for generating IETF deliverables.

Metanorma-IETF adheres to AsciiRFC syntax, an AsciiDoc syntax for writing IETF documents developed by the Metanorma team.

The gem currently inherits from the gem, and aligns closely to it.

The following outputs are generated:

  • RFC XML v3

    • Metanorma doctype: ietf

    • Metanorma file extension: xmlrfc (not xml!)

The “xml2rfc” Vocabulary (hereinafter “RFC XML”) is an XML-based language used for writing Internet-Drafts and RFCs (RFC7322).

This gem allows you to author these types of documents in AsciiDoc, and outputs RFC XML output in v3 format:

Its syntax is designed to be “native-asciidoctor” as much as possible, with some templated use of attributes to convey added information for RFC XML output.

For further information about the markup used, please refer to the Writing IETF I-Ds and RFCs using AsciiDoc & Metanorma.


The preferred way to invoke this gem is via the metanorma command:

$ metanorma --type ietf a.adoc                     # output RFC XML v3, text, HTML
$ metanorma --type ietf --extensions xmlrfc a.adoc # output RFC XML v3

The gem translates the document into IETF XML RFC format. By default, the gem then runs the xml2rfc tool to generate text and HTML versions as well.



Please visit for installation instructions for all platforms.

Gem usage

Add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

gem "metanorma-ietf"

And then execute:

$ bundle

Quick Start / Template

Clone the rfc-asciirfc-minimal repository as a template, and populate it for your Asciidoc RFCs and Internet-Drafts:

$ git clone

See the README of that document for more information.


Converting your AsciiDoc to RFC XML is a simple as running the appropriate metanorma command.

Once processing completes, you should see the RFC XML file draft-example-00.xml in the same directory.

RFC XML v3 Example


We follow Sandi Metz’s Rules for this gem, you can read the description of the rules here.

All new code should follow these rules. If you make changes in a pre-existing file that violates these rules you should fix the violations as part of your contribution.


Clone the repository.

git clone

Setup your environment.


Run the test suite



First, thank you for contributing! We love pull requests from everyone. By participating in this project, you hereby grant Ribose Inc. the right to grant or transfer an unlimited number of non exclusive licenses or sub-licenses to third parties, under the copyright covering the contribution to use the contribution by all means.

Here are a few technical guidelines to follow:

  1. Open an issue to discuss a new feature.

  2. Write tests to support your new feature.

  3. Make sure the entire test suite passes locally and on CI.

  4. Open a Pull Request.

  5. Squash your commits after receiving feedback.

  6. Party!


This gem is developed, maintained and funded by Ribose Inc.



Metanorma-IETF was formerly published as the asciidoctor-rfc gem.