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The ISO Rice model in IsoDoc (in the format of Metanorma-ISO)
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ISO Rice document in Metanorma (Metanorma-ISO)

Build Status

This document is available in its rendered forms here:


This repository provides a readily usable Metanorma-ISO source document based on the “Rice document”, the ISO’s model document of an international standard.

Refer to the Metanorma quickstart for a primer on creating Metanorma-ISO documents.

Fetching the document

git clone

Running via Docker or locally

If you have installed the build tools locally, and wish to run the locally-installed compilation tools, there is nothing further to set.

If you don’t want to deal with local dependencies, use the docker version by:


The Makefile will automatically choose the proper command to execute.

Source files provided in this repo

  • iso-rice-en.adoc: Metanorma-ISO markup source document for the Rice document, in English

  • sections/*: The Metanorma-ISO markup source document for the Rice document, broken up into separate files for each section

  • iso-rice-en-sections.adoc: Metanorma-ISO markup source document for the Rice document, referencing the individual files in sections/*

  • iso-rice-zh.adoc: Metanorma-ISO markup source document for the Rice document, in Chinese

Description of generated artifacts

  • {filename}-{lang}.xml: Metanorma-ISO XML output corresponding to the {filename}-{lang}.adoc source

  • {filename}-{lang}.html: Metanorma-ISO HTML output corresponding to the {filename}-{lang}.adoc source

  • {filename}-{lang}-alt.html: Metanorma-ISO “readability-optimized” HTML output corresponding to the {filename}-{lang}.adoc source

Managing an IsoDoc


The Rice document is given here both as a single source document and broken up into separate files, to illustrate both ways of managing Metanorma content.

Single file

There are two document examples provided here:

  • iso-rice-en.adoc: the Rice document in English

  • iso-rice-zh.adoc: the Rice document as translated to Chinese

For each language:

  • the file iso-rice-{lang}.adoc provides the document header

  • the file body/body-{lang}.adoc provides the content body.

Multiple files

The document iso-rice-en-sections.adoc includes the document header and the following files.

The section files are listed in order of appearance in the document, and each corresponds to a first-level clause of the Rice document:

  • 00-foreword.adoc: Foreword

  • 00-introduction.adoc: Introduction

  • 01-scope.adoc: Scope

  • 02-normref.adoc: Normative References

  • 03-termdef.adoc: Terms and Definitions

  • 04-specifications.adoc: Clause 4: Specifications

  • 05-sampling.adoc: Clause 5: Sampling

  • 06-testmethods.adoc: Clause 6: Test Methods

  • 07-testreport.adoc: Clause 7: Test Report

  • 08-packaging.adoc: Clause 8: Packaging

  • 09-marking.adoc: Clause 9: Marking

  • aa-annex-a.adoc: Annex A

  • ab-annex-b.adoc: Annex B

  • ac-annex-c.adoc: Annex C

  • ad-annex-d.adoc: Annex D

  • ae-annex-e.adoc: Annex E (not in original Rice document, included to illustrate further formatting options)

  • b0-bibliography.adoc: Bibliography

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