Examples of using testing frameworks that are integrated with Velocity.
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Examples of using testing frameworks that are integrated with Velocity.


# clone the velocity-examples repo and run meteor
$ git clone https://github.com/meteor-velocity/velocity-examples.git
$ cd velocity-examples

Each folder is a separate Meteor app that showcases on of the Velocity testing frameworks.

For Jasmine:

$ cd leaderboard-jasmine
$ meteor

For Cucumber:

$ cd leaderboard-cucumber
$ meteor

For Nightwatch:

$ cd leaderboard-nightwatch
$ meteor

For Robot Framework:

Install external pre-requisites first. Then:

$ cd leaderboard-robotframework
$ meteor


Included Test Frameworks

The velocity package coordinates between test frameworks and provides a common structure for reporting test results. Velocity by itself does not perform any tests. This example app includes the following velocity-compatible test frameworks:

  • mike:mocha - A Velocity version of mocha-web. Runs mocha tests in the Meteor context which is great for integration testing.
  • sanjo:jasmine - Easily write and run Jasmine tests for all your Meteor code.
  • clinical-nightwatch - run Selenium automated browser tests with the Nightwatch bridge. Good for end-to-end tests and acceptance tests.
  • meteor-robotframework - run Robot Framework end-to-end tests.


Writing Acceptance Tests (with Nightwatch)
Writing Unit Tests (with Jasmine and Velocity)
Writing Unit Tests (with Tinytest)


Introduction to meteor-robotframework (Youtube)