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GitHub Issue Labels

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This explains the various labels that we use in the issue tracker.


Needs more information. Eg, a way to replicate, more details on observed behavior, etc.


Known and confirmed behavior that should be changed.


It's a known behavior that can be addressed through docs. Err on the side of this rather than "feature" whenever possible.


We agree that this behavior should be improved and we'd be happy to review pull requests to fix it, but fixing it ourselves isn't an immediate priority for any of our core developers. (Of course, we love pull requests for any issue, but there are some areas where the core team already has plans to fix it soon or rewrite the entire module; this label highlights places where an external pull request is the best way to get things fixed.)


Addressing it would require feature work on someone's part.

<feature-name>, e.g. "spark"

It will likely be resolved when that feature is released.


An issue that we've decided not to fix. This is a last resort: see if "needs-docs" works before using this label.

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