Meteor packages that provide functionality on mobile and desktop via Cordova plugins.
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Mobile Packages

This repository contains three simple Meteor packages that work on mobile and desktop. There are also three small example apps that demonstrate their usage.

These packages work with Meteor 0.9.2 and above.



The package mdg:camera allows you to take photos on desktop and mobile with a single function call.

Read the full Camera documentation here.


The package mdg:geolocation provides a reactive interface to the device's GPS location.

Read the full Geolocation documentation here.


The package mdg:reload-on-resume delays hot code push on mobile devices until the user has closed and re-opened the app, so that their experience is not interrupted by a reload.

Read the full reload-on-resume documentation here.

Example Apps


This example app has one button that takes a photo and displays it on the screen. It demonstrates usage of the Camera package.


This example app uses the Google Maps Static Maps API to show a map with a marker at your current location. It demonstrates usage of the Geolocation package.


This is the app that was first used to demonstrate Meteor Cordova functionality at the Meteor Devshop in August 2014. It uses the Camera, Geolocation, and reload-on-resume packages, in addition to local packages for Ionic Framework CSS and a simple implementation of the Google Maps Javascript API.