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JeemBeen commented Oct 16, 2019
  • Framework7 version: 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
  • Platform and Target: Android Cordova

Describe the bug

If you increase font size in Android system settings text in many components is misaligned
e.g. Buttons, Dialog.

To Reproduce

Install Framework7 Kitchen Sink as Cordova app.

Expected behavior

Correct position of component text e.g. Button, Dialog.

Actual Behavior

Wrong or

luisnaranjo733 commented Oct 25, 2019

The docs claim that the CLI param for specifying the path to the private key is --privateKeyPath.

In reality, it appears to be --private-key-path.

C:\Users\jonaranj\Downloads>yarn appcenter codepush release --help
yarn run v1.12.3
warning package.json: No license field
$ C:\Users\j
Jule- commented Apr 17, 2019

Issue Type

  • Bug Report
  • Feature Request
  • Support Question
  • Doc



The splash screen mechanism is not well documented since the plugin is not responsible of the resource copy into platforms. I had to check the cordova prepare code in order to figure out how <splash> tag is handled while I was trying to set an android vector (or svg

nirushz commented Jul 25, 2019

Bug Report


What is expected to happen?

click on text inputs should trigger the focus on these inputs

What does actually happen?

Quick or weak click not always trigger the focus. more longer click works fine.
On android it works fine.



CK110 commented Dec 12, 2019

Feature Request

Motivation Behind Feature

when i navigate to another page in this inappbrowser webview , it dynamic render toolbar title by the html header title tag。and i can know what page i navigate to

Feature Description

jskrepnek commented Nov 14, 2018

If a prepare hook is defined in a platform block, it is not executed when cordova prepare is called without specifying a platform.

My expectation is that the platform prepare hooks will be still be called when a platform is not provided as an argument to the platform prepare command.

For example:

Given the following hook:

<platform name="android">
    <hook type="after_prepare"
landry314 commented Oct 1, 2019

Can we conform the name of this?

In the web browser it says "Quick pairing"
In the Home section of the Android app it says "Quick setup"
In the "Create a game" section of the Android app it says "Quick game"

It is all the exact same thing with different names...

I prefer Quick pairing because it is the clearest description. It pairs you quickly with other people by streamlining the choi

eiswind commented Nov 2, 2019

🙋 Feature Request

Provide an example for a component test

🤔 Expected Behavior

Please add an example how to test a component.

😯 Current Behavior

I did not find any examples in the sources, please let me know if I#m blind...

🔦 Context

Testing components is one on the most important aspects.

💻 Examples

I tried something like

        const ctx = TestCo
gmeader commented Jul 12, 2019

A minor issue is that it would be useful if the language of the Tutorials was indicated in the Tutorials table in the README. For example, some of the videos and articles are in Portuguese. One item has a cryptic (pt-br) in the description. Other columns have that and an (en). Perhaps there should be a column in the table to designate the language?

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