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Method Draw

Method Draw is a web based vector drawing application. The purpose of Method Draw is to provide a simple and easy-to-use SVG editor experience. It purposely removes some features such as layers and line-caps/corners in exchange for a more simple and pleasant experience. If you are looking for a more complete vector editing open-source solution, please check out SVG Edit.

Method Draw


Develop and run a local web server under src;

cd src
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

or if you have Python 3:

cd src
python -m http.server 8000


Install dev dependencies:

npm install

Then you can build into dist by running:

gulp build

Deploy dist to your static file server of choice.

Release notes

2021.05.26 Minor redesign 2021.05.12 Solved stability issues 2021.02.15 Major code refactor
2021.01.15 Added new fonts
2021.01.01 Text handling improvements
2020.12.10 Gradient fixes on Windows and Safari MacOS
2020.08.04 Vast code simplification
2020.08.02 File clean-up and gulp build implemented
2020.08.01 Project thawed
2015.01.01 Project frozen
2013.01.01 Project forked from SVG-Edit

Sponsor development by donating to the author.

Method Draw is Copyright (c) Mark MacKay

Published under an MIT License. Enjoy.