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This wiki describes the numerical weather prediction (NWP) forecast products at MET Norway, and how to access them. These are gridded data in NetCDF file format provided through this thredds server. For guidance on protocols and data access, see here. If you are interested in a weather forecast for a single geographical point, check out our separate JSON API at For messages on planned maintenance and incidents, consider subscribing to our status page at

Available products

We provide forecast data for the Nordics from our thredds server. We deliver both the latest operational forecasts and an archive of past forecasts. The products are described in more details in the links in the side menu.

We run two weather forecasting systems at MET Norway: The MetCoOp Ensemble Prediction System (MEPS) covers Scandinavia and Finland (the green bounding box in the map below). MEPS provides 30 ensemble members every six hours with leadtimes out to 61 hours and a spatial grid spacing of 2.5 km. We store a wealth og information from the model, including ground field, surface fields, and fields throughout the atmosphere.

The second modelling system run by MET Norway is AROME-Arctic, which covers Svalbard and surrounding areas (the blue box in the map below). AROME-Arctic provides 1 single deterministic run for 66 h lead time and 2.5 km grid spacing.

Finally, we provide MET Nordic dataset (also known as the post-processed products), which includes a limited number of surface variables taken from MEPS but that have been statistically adjusted based on available observations collected in real-time. These products form the basis of the forecasts on Yr and are considered our best forecast estimate for the parameters they provide. MET Nordic covers the red box below. This product is produced on a grid with 1 km grid spacing and provides reference to as the MET Nordic Analysis and MET Nordic forecast datasets.


Which product is right for me?

If you need data for basic surface parameters (temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, pressure, incoming solar radiation), then use the MET Nordic dataset dataset. If you need multiple ensemble realizations (to represent forecast uncertainty), or special weather parameters use the MEPS dataset. If you need data for the Arctic, use the AROME-Arctic dataset.

Comments and questions

We welcome comments on the content in this wiki, such as missing or unclear information. Please file an issue in the issues tracker.