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Mettā OS

Welcome to the Mettā world

My goal is to make Mettā the platform for social, efficient and fun life on the internet. I call such internet egocentric, because it revolves around your needs and desires. It's not about corporations and websites, it's about your personality, you creating and sharing with your friends and colleagues.

The Goals page is an attempt to summarize what Mettā strives to be and why this may be important to you.

This research is dedicated to Bryan A. Ford.

Be free!

News blurbs

There's something being developed at PARC that pretty much looks like Mettā's assocfs: Content-Centric Network.


  • Efficiency: Multiple tasks efficiently operating on audio and video data (or any other data streams f.ex. network traffic) in realtime.
  • Security: Protection of data between tasks (because of use of untrusted code from the Internet for carrying out some tasks). Isolation of tasks or whole task groups to a sandboxed environment.
  • Emulation: Allow almost seamless execution of various code from different legacy operating systems of the same architecture and even efficient translation of code from other architectures.
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