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Copyright (c) 2010, Dave Shea
All rights reserved.
Elevation is a route visualizer that renders GPS data in 3D space.
You'll need to have a GPS-equipped phone or device capable of tracking your
activity as you run, hike, cycle, skate, ski, snowboard, or whatever other
physical activity you choose to map. You'll also need the ability to export
that data as XML, in either GPX, TCX or KML format. (If you have files in
just about any another format, you can probably use GPSBabel
[] to convert them to GPX files and get them working
with Elevation.)
Open ./data/xml/ -- there you'll see some example data called
ExampleRoute05.gpx etc. that comes with the application; you can safely
delete these example files and replace them with your own.
Once you've added your files, restart Elevation. To move the map around,
use the controls underneath it. To rotate the view, click and drag within
the viewport. To move faster, hold down the shift key as you press the
Elevation knows how to work with XML files in the GPX, TCX and KML
formats. Due to inconsistent file structures, and thanks to Processing's
limited DOM traversal, it may not work with every such file. If not, get
in touch; I can probably make yours work.
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