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Usage: fm command args...
For more help, specify one of the following commands followed by -h option:
   cat      - Concatenate one or more files to stdout
   chgrp    - Change GID on files in the cloud
   chmod    - Change permissions on files in the cloud
   df       - Show free space on each node
   fs       - None
   get      - Copy one or more files from the cloud to local storage
   init     - Create/correct directory structure
   jobs     - Show all of the jobs still active
   kill     - Kill a job
   loadavg  - Show load average
   ls       - File & directory listing
   map      - Launch a computation on a set of input files in the cloud
   mkdir    - Make a directory (or directories) on all nodes
   mv       - Rename files in the cloud
   partition - Partition an input file
   plot     - Plot run-time of a previous map
   replicate - Replicate the specified files (in the virtual file system) from each node
   rm       - Delete a file or directory tree in the cloud
   run      - Run a command on each node and print results
   runhost  - Run a command on each unique host and print results
   store    - Store one or more files into the cloud

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose  Increase verbosity (can be used multiple times)

FileMap is a file-based map-reduce system.  
You can think of it is parallel and distributed xargs or make.  
It features replicated storage and intermediate result caching.


File-Based Map-Reduce. Zero-install: easily use any collection of computers as a map-reduce cluster for command-line analytics.


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