Multiple GBA buttons on single gamepad button and multiple gamepad buttons for the same GBA button. #87

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Konuchi commented Aug 17, 2015

For some games it is nice to have button combinations like L+A, L+B, etc. bound to single buttons on a gamepad, while keeping separate buttons for them as well. Could this feature be added?

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endrift commented Aug 17, 2015

This will be very difficult to implement due to the way this is handled in the backend, not to mention getting the UI for it right...I can take a look at it, but it's definitely not going to be an easy fix.

This seems like a very useful feature, even if the only part you implement is the "multiple GBA buttons on a single gamepad button" part of it. I'd love to have L+A for Pokémon-like one-handed gameplay on my other GBA games. :)


tony971 commented Aug 18, 2015

Only the first half of this is a new request.


tony971 commented Aug 18, 2015

A shitty mockup of a fairly intuitive design:


endrift commented Aug 18, 2015

This is basically the inverse of what I was thinking about for when I was going to do the input revamp, which was punted from 0.3.


tony971 commented Sep 5, 2015

I know it's not the way you would approach it but I just realized that my mockup would allow combining the keyboard mapping with the controller mapping.

Which would be awesome XD


endrift commented Sep 6, 2015

Yes, that was always intended with my revamp.

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