A wrapper for the Eclipse Mosquitto™ MQTT client library for PHP.
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This is an extension to allow using the Eclipse Mosquitto™ MQTT client library with PHP. See the examples/ directory for usage.

Build Status

PHP 7 support

Thanks to Sara Golemon this extension now supports PHP 7. I would be grateful if anyone using PHP 7 could test it and let me know how it works out.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • libmosquitto 1.2.x or later
  • Linux or Mac OS X. I do not have a Windows machine handy, though patches or pull requests are of course very welcome!


If you've used a pre-built package to install Mosquitto, you need to make sure you have the development headers installed. On Red Hat-derived systems, this is probably called libmosquitto-devel, and on Debian-based systems it will be libmosquitto-dev.

You may obtain this package using PECL:

pecl install Mosquitto-alpha

Alternatively, you can use the normal extension build process:

./configure --with-mosquitto=/path/to/libmosquitto
make install

Then add extension=mosquitto.so to your php.ini.

The --with-mosquitto argument is optional, and only required if your libmosquitto install cannot be found.

General operation

The underlying library is based on callbacks and asynchronous operation. As such, you have to call the loop() method of the Client frequently to permit the library to handle the messages in its queues. Also, you should use the callback functions to ensure that you only attempt to publish after the client has connected, etc. For example, here is how you would correctly publish a QoS=2 message:


use Mosquitto\Client;

$mid = 0;
$c = new Mosquitto\Client("PHP");
$c->onConnect(function() use ($c, &$mid) {
    $mid = $c->publish("mgdm/test", "Hello", 2);

$c->onPublish(function($publishedId) use ($c, $mid) {
    if ($publishedId == $mid) {


echo "Finished"


Full documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.