Visualize disk usage using web-based treemaps
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Visualize disk usage with webtreemap

There are plenty of graphical tools to do this (e.g. Baobab, KFileLight),
but they are typically slow and/or inconvenient (consider a GUI-less server).
I often find myself running du on the command line (over ssh) and wishing
for something more visual.

Enter du2webtreemap!

    ssh someserver du /path/to/somewhere > du.txt
    du2webtreemap --html < du.txt > du.html
    xdg-open ./du.html

Or run ./ to see something quick and local.

You'll need webtreemap (, which is
conveniently available as a git submodule; after cloning webtreemap-du run

    git submodule update --init