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JS13K A-Frame Boilerplate

This project is a boilerplate to start developing a WebXR game based on A-Frame and Webpack for the js13k competition.

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Getting Started


  • You need node installed.


  • Clone this repository
  • Update package.json with your info
  • Delete .git directory
  • Delete unneeded files and blocks
  • Download node dependencies
npm install

Start development server

After installation you just need to run:

npm start

This will setup a server listening at http://localhost:8080/.

If everything went OK, you will see:


Access from another device

You can pass an argument to the development server specifying the interface to listen on.

npm start -- --host=

This command will start the development server listening on all interfaces. Having a device on the same network you will be able to view the webpage at http://[yourLocalIP]:8080 for example

Build for submission

This project provides a npm script for building your application

npm run build

This will generate two files index.html and both located in the dist/ folder. The zip file contains only the generated index.html. The output from the command also tells you how large is the generated zip file.

Where does my code go?

All your javascript files should be located in the src/app/ directory. The entry point is the main.js file. All your css should be located in the src/styles directory. The entry point is main.css. If you need to modify the html file, you can find the template used in src/index.html.

This project uses webpack for module bundling. This means that all the files that you want to use should be imported directly or indirectly by either main.js or main.css.

ES2015+ support

This repository used to include Babel to enable working with modern JavaScript. As time progresses however the browser support for modern JS became excelent and webpack began shipping a newer version of uglify that can minify it. All of this makes it a rational choice to omit Babel as it would only increase the overall bundle size.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details