Hypermedia Analysis - Trying to establish a baseline about state of HATEOAS deployment on the Web
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Hypermedia Analysis


This project tries to establish a baseline concerning HATEOAS deployment on the Web, that is, collecting a statistically relevant sample of representations offered by so called RESTful APIs and determine to what degree they 'contain hypermedia'.


We will do this in two phases:

  • First, we will use the Programmable Web API to determine target APIs and retrieve representative samples of representations from those APIs in an automated fashion.
  • Second, we will, manually, evaluate the repository of API representations and determine how to measure the 'degree of hypermedia' used.

Note: one goal is to determine the extent and deepness of the dark web services.


  • Michael Hausenblas
  • Mike Amundsen
  • Ivan Zuzak
  • Erik Wilde (?)

To dos

  • Evaluate PW API and write harness
  • Determine how to measure 'Hypermedianess'


Public domain.