Non-blocking Celery client for Tornado
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Celery integration with Tornado

tornado-celery is a non-blocking Celery client for Tornado web framework


Calling Celery tasks from Tornado RequestHandler:

from tornado import gen, web
import tcelery, tasks


class AsyncHandler(web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        tasks.echo.apply_async(args=['Hello world!'], callback=self.on_result)

    def on_result(self, response):

Calling tasks with generator-based interface:

class GenAsyncHandler(web.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):
        response = yield gen.Task(tasks.sleep.apply_async, args=[3])

NOTE: Currently callbacks only work with AMQP and Redis backends. To use the Redis backend, you must install tornado-redis.

tornado-celery can be launched as a web server:

$ cd tornado-celery
$ python -m tcelery --port=8888 --app=examples.tasks --address=

Execute a task asynchronously:

$ curl -X POST -d '{"args":["hello"]}' http://localhost:8888/apply-async/examples.tasks.echo/
{"task-id": "a24c9e38-4976-426a-83d6-6b10b4de7ab1", "state": "PENDING"}

Get the result:

$ curl http://localhost:8888/tasks/result/a24c9e38-4976-426a-83d6-6b10b4de7ab1/
{"task-id": "a24c9e38-4976-426a-83d6-6b10b4de7ab1", "state": "SUCCESS", "result": "hello"}

Execute a task and get the result:

$ curl -X POST -d '{"args":[1,2]}' http://localhost:8888/apply/examples.tasks.add/
{"task-id": "fe3cc5a5-d11b-4b17-a6e2-e7fd2fba7ec6", "state": "SUCCESS", "result": 3}

Execute a task with timeout:

$ curl -X POST -d '{"args":[5],"timeout":1}' http://localhost:8888/apply/examples.tasks.sleep/
{"task-id": "9ca78e26-bbb2-404c-b3bb-bc1c63cbdf41", "state": "REVOKED"}


To install, simply:

$ pip install tornado-celery


Documentation is available at Read the Docs

Running the Tests

To run the tests for the AMQP backend:

$ python examples/ worker
$ cd examples && python -m tcelery -A tasks
$ python tests/

To run the tests for the Redis backend, first make sure redis is running, then:

$ CELERY_RESULT_BACKEND=redis:// python examples/ worker
$ cd examples && CELERY_RESULT_BACKEND=redis:// python -m tcelery -A tasks
$ python tests/