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Signify (or just Sy) is a quite unobtrusive plugin. It uses signs to indicate added, modified and removed lines based on data of an underlying version control system.

It's fast, easy to use and well documented.

  • supports git, mercurial, darcs, bazaar, subversion, cvs, rcs, fossil, accurev, perforce, tfs
  • quick jumping between blocks of changed lines ("hunks")
  • apart from signs there is also optional line highlighting
  • preserves signs from other plugins
  • you can toggle the plugin per buffer
  • good documentation
  • skip certain filetypes and filenames
  • depending on your usual workflow you can disable it per default and enable on demand later
  • fully configurable through global variables (options and mappings)

If git is the only version control system you use, I suggest having a look at vim-gitgutter. It provides more git-specific features that would be unfeasible for Sy, since it only implements features that work for all supported VCS.

Installation and Documentation

Use your favorite plugin manager, e.g. using vim-plug:

Plug 'mhinz/vim-signify'

It works without any configuration, but you might want to look into the documentation for further customization:

:h signify

The single most important option by far is g:signify_vcs_list. Please read :h g:signify_vcs_list.


Example:signify in action

Author and Feedback

If you like this plugin, star it! It's a great way of getting feedback. The same goes for reporting issues or feature requests.

Contact: Twitter

Co-maintainer: @jamessan