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After the previous releases of the app rather have been bug fix and maintenance ones, this ones finally brings some cool new features.


  • You can now re-order items inside a library via drag&drop. This allows you to put the items you are working most frequently with to the top of the page easily! rpdev/opentodolist#218
  • A progress value can now be set on todos. Until now, there was a progress indication derived from the number of open and closed tasks within a todo. Now, you can set a progress value manually, which overrides this computed one. rpdev/opentodolist#204


Please find the download links for major platforms on below. For Android, the release is available via Google Play.

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue with the cache DB used by the app (rpdev/opentodolist#214). When you installed e.g. a 32bit version and then change to a 64bit version, the cache cannot be opened and the app won't work properly. To fix this, remove the previous cache directory manually before starting the app.
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