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Header Only C++ Timer

It's easy to use tictoc timer in your C++ project.

  1. include "tictoc.hpp"
  2. capture you code with TIC and TOC (or TICTOC, TICTOC means TOC;TIC)

You can use TIC to set a timer start point, and TOC to set a end point, the program will output time cost between two points.

Please run the demo first!

compile the demo.cpp and run:

g++ demo.cpp -o demo.bin -DWITH_TICTOP

You will get the output as following:

demo.cpp @ main [    8,   13]   elapsed:      0.025 s      24.786 ms       24786 us
demo.cpp @ main [    8,   18]   elapsed:      0.049 s      48.709 ms       48709 us
demo.cpp @ main [    8,   23]   elapsed:      0.072 s      72.211 ms       72211 us
demo.cpp @ main [    8,   24]   elapsed:      0.072 s      72.225 ms       72225 us
demo.cpp @ main [   30,   36]   elapsed:      0.022 s      21.747 ms       21747 us
demo.cpp @ main [   36,   41]   elapsed:      0.021 s      21.463 ms       21463 us

The output contains: filename, function, code lines and elapsed time.

And if you compile demo.cpp without -DWITH_TICTOP, the program will work as if tictoc timer never existed!

g++ demo.cpp -o demo.bin # -DWITH_TICTOP

No output!

Macro definitions TICTOC_DISPLAY and TICTOC_NODISPLAY can be used to turn the timer on / off.

All features can be found in demo.cpp, Please run the demo first. :P

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