An advanced Space Dimension Mod for Minecraft
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An advanced space exploration mod for Minecraft.

Full documentation is at our wiki:

Download Galacticraft

Download recent and latest Galacticraft for Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 1.10.2, Minecraft 1.8.9 and Minecraft 1.7.10 at the Galacticraft download site

Reporting issues

Before reporting an issue, please read Notes for Contributors and follow the six guidelines given.

Mod Developers

API and deobfuscated version for developers is available through our downloads page. Detailed information on how to set up a development environment for the source code - if you want to use either the Galacticraft API or the full sources - is here

To build, run the command gradlew build packCoreJar packPlanetsJar packMicCoreJar


We welcome inclusion of Galacticraft in modpacks. Modpack permission and setup tips


Galacticraft is open source and free for everyone for non-commercial use. (But distribution of Galacticraft in modified form is not permitted.) Full license can be found here

Pull Requests

Pull Requests to help with Galacticraft development are extremely welcome. Guide to making a PR

For Pull Requests to help with translation, see Notes for Contributors