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VistaRPC4r provides a Ruby interface to the Veterans Administration's almost opensource electronic health record called VistA. The VistA architecture is old school client/server. The typical client is a Windows based GUI. The typical server is an Linux or Windows based server. The server is primarily written in MUMPS or M. VistA provides an RPC-style interface to its core functions using TCP sockets and a custom message format VistaRPC4r implements the socket layer and message format and provides methods which can initiate RPC requests and returns the RPC output. The VistA server requires each connection to have a username/password authentication.

This gem has been tested with Medsphere's OpenVista server distribution.

Future features

  • Ruby classes for primary VistA data object

  • Some sort of connection pooling

  • ActiveRecord interface to VistA (nasty one, but cool)




You may get the latest stable version from Rubyforge.

$ gem install vistarpc4r

An Example

Check out the examples in the examples directory, until I get the time to write more extensive documentation


Copyright © 2011 Mike Cham. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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