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Remembers those project specific long commands for you. Let the butler do it.
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#Butler Turn:

bundle exec rails server foreman run python db upgrade ...


butler run or butler build or butler test.

Basically anything you do every day, let the Butler do it.


Butler is easiest installed via homebrew:

> brew install michaeldfallen/formula/butler

Then run butler --init to create a sample butlerfile and get started.

###Bash and Zsh completion

To enable completion add the following to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc:

source "$(butler --init-completion)"

That will load the correct completion files for your shell.


Create a butlerfile to define your commands

[command]: [shell command to run]

then tell butler to do it

> butler [command]
Executing [command]

The first time you ask butler to run a command it will confirm with you that the command is safe:

> butler [command]
First time executing [command]: [shell command to run]
Execute [command]? (y)es, (n)o, just this (o)nce

This way you can happily use other peoples butlerfile commands without worrying about them sneaking an rm -rf ~ in to the script.

###Setting the shell

By default butler will look at $SHELL, which is set by most shells including ZSH. This should mean that butler will automatically use your default shell to execute commands.

If $SHELL is not set it will fall back on Bash.

If you want to set a specific shell for butler to use just export $BUTLER_SHELL:

> echo 'BUTLER_SHELL="/bin/dash"' >> ~/.zshrc

###Longer scripts - coming soon

For longer scripts just drop them in a bin folder


Butler will know what to do

> butler complexbuild
Aye, sir...


Butler is licensed under the MIT license.

See LICENSE for the full license text.


Inspired by Foreman by David Dollar @ddollar and Shoreman by Chris Mytton @chrismytton

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