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Full-featured CMS including blog, wiki, discussion, etc. powered by SpringBoot.
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Full-featured CMS including blog, wiki, discussion, etc. powered by SpringBoot.

Build Status

  • based on SpringBoot 2.x
  • OAuth2 integration (weibo, QQ, facebook, etc.)
  • SEO support
  • customized css with uikit2


  • JDK 11
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Redis 4/5
  • Nginx


$ mvn -DskipTests=true clean package

Or check

Initialize database

DDL and test data are generated by

Create schema:

$ mysql -u root -p < release/ddl.sql

NOTE: re-run this SQL file will remove all existing data.

Import test data:

$ mysql -u root -p it < release/init.sql


java -jar itranswarp.jar


All configurations are passed by environments:

$ PROFILES=production TIME_ZONE=Asia/Shanghai \
  DB_HOST=localhost DB_PASSWORD=changeit \
  REDIS_HOST=localhost \
  java -jar itranswarp.jar

Please check application.yml for environment variables.


iTranswarp is deployed by Ansible. Scripts is ready for Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64.

Deploy script:

$ ansible/ --profile <env>

The deploy script will do following:

  • install open jdk 11 headless;
  • install nginx;
  • install supervisor;
  • deploy jar;
  • deploy static resources;
  • generate nginx configuration;
  • generate supervisor configuration;
  • update symbol link;
  • reload supervisor;
  • reload nginx.
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